Reading 阅读

Observation and Opinion: An Advanced Chinese Reader

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to develop students’ reading skills and critical thinking. It focuses on a range of skillsets, including 1) increasing students’ reading speed and vocabulary inventory; 2) deepening students’ understanding of the social, historical and cultural aspects of the Chinese-speaking areas; 3) developing knowledge of Chinese written style and common expressions in argumentative context; 4) strengthening students’ summarizing skills.

15 Texts

This textbook focuses on argumentative texts; the fifteen main texts included within this book are all authentic argumentative essays written by native Chinese authors. These authors include professional writers, educators, a journalist, an economist, a politician and a philosopher, all having outstanding achievements and reputation in their fields.

30 Extended Readings

In each lesson, in addition to the main texts, two extended reading texts related to the topic are included, providing learners more materials of different text types to practice reading. These extended reading texts are all authentic texts excerpted from news, review articles and scientific articles from sources that are frequently read by Chinese native readers.